About Troop 886

Welcome to the on-line camp home for Boy Scout Troop 886!

Troop 886 was organized in 2001. In January 2021, Declaration Church took on the role as our Chartering Organization.  Troop 886 welcomes all boys having earned their Arrow of Light, completed the 5th grade or are 11 years of age.  The troop is truly a boy led troop - the boys do everything from running their own meetings to participating in the yearly planning process.  We are blessed with ample trained adult Christian Scouters to provide guidance and leadership to the boys.  Our purpose is to use the aims and methods of Scouting in a safe environment to help boys grow into godly young men and the leaders of tomorrow.  We now have over 30 active scouts and more than 100 Eagle scouts in the Eagle’s Nest!

Outdoor Activities

We have an outdoor / overnight activity each month.  In the last few years some of these activities have included guided rock climbing at Enchanted Rock in the hill country, backpacking in Big Bend, at least one canoe trip and shooting campout each year in addition to the traditional “campouts under the stars”.  We typically offer older boys several backpacking trips or high adventure opportunities each year.  One of the troop goals is to participate in district events such as camporees, First Aid meets, Webelos Woods, etc.

Summer / Winter Camps

Summer Camp and Winter Camp are adventures that can leave memories that last a lifetime.  We have attended camps in Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma & Texas in recent years.  We try to attend winter camp close to home.  These camps are generally weeklong adventures where the boys work on advancement and merit badges that may range from Swimming and Indian Lore to Environmental Science, Canoeing and Rock Climbing.  While not mandatory, attending summer camp is highly encouraged for the first 2-3 years of your son’s Scouting experience.  He will benefit greatly by attending summer camp.  In 2018 we attended summer camp at Lost Pines Scout Ranch in Bastrop Texas  and in 2019 we went to Ransburg Scout Ranch in Bloomington Indiana. This year will see groups going to Philmont, Camp Alexander in Colorado and Camp Strake.

High Adventure Activities

There are a number of opportunities for older Scouts. In recent years, our troop has gone to Philmont Scout Ranch, H&H Ranch in New Mexico, Montana High Adventure Base (MOHAB), and SeaBase in the Florida Keys.  We have had youth and adults participate in an international Scouting exchange in Japan.  We encourage our boys to enjoy the total Scouting experience, which for many boys includes Junior Leadership Training sessions, Order of the Arrow (OA), National Jamboree, international Scouting opportunities & NOAC events.

Service to Others

The troop works closely with our sponsoring organization on a number of service projects and we feel strongly that we need to give back to the community.  Some of these projects include Angel Tree project for underprivileged children at Christmas each year, reforestation and habitat cleanup in Jones State Forest and beach cleanup projects.  We have helped with the church garage sale, participated in the VBS carnival, and helped sponsor AWANA campouts for boys and their dads in the past.  We attempt to coordinate with the church calendar so we do not interfere with major youth activities at the church.  We believe strongly that a “Scout is Reverent”.  We begin and end all troop activities in prayer and have a Christian worship service on each campout.


The Troop has a Committee composed of many adult members who wish to contribute and participate. The adults decide who will assume the various positions and the Committee Chairman runs the meetings. The Committee sets the policy of the Troop and the members of the Troop including the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters must follow those policies. The Committee also makes all financial decisions. The ultimate authority in our Troop is vested in our Committee. Every parent of a Troop 886 Scout is encouraged to attend Committee meetings occurring the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM at Declaration Church.

Meeting Information

The troop meets every Monday during the school year, with some exceptions. Please use the Contact Us button to inquire about visiting a troop meeting.

New Member Signup

Membership of the website is required for event signup for most events, receiving troop email and sending troop email. Web site membership is separate from BSA membership and the BSA signup paperwork. Membership is individual by scout and adult and linked as families. Minimum required membership is two: The Scout themselves and for at least one parent/guardian. Both must be applied for separately using the create membership link on the left. Please do not create membership multiple times for the same person. Standard Username format is initial and last name, no spaces. In case of the same initial please use a second initial, middle initial or similar. Website Memberships are activated on confirmation of BSA registration. Any questions about website membership please use the "contact us" form or email webmaster@troop886.com .